Sunday, May 3, 2015

He told her..

He told her she was intelligent,
                                               but never listened to what she had to say

He told her she was beautiful,
                                 but when they were together he closed his eyes and rarely looked her way

He told her she was kind,
                                  and took her kindness for weakness making her his prey

He told her he was attached to her,
                                                    but said he could not stay

He told her he could not promise her,
                                                     and told her to live day by day

He told her he accepted her religion,
                                          but mocked her when she went to pray

He told her he would care for her,
                                          but then asked her to leave his car while they were on the highway

He told her that he did not intend it to sound that way,
                                                        but he had to get back to work on time in order to get an extra pay

Her told her everything that he could say, he was a good speaker and he got his way, but the end of his way ended today.

She will no longer believe what he has to say, she will only look at his actions after this day.