Tuesday, August 11, 2015

So Eager to Leave to the Nest

There seems to be an eagerness to leave the nest and start our own independent lives which we associate with being away from the nest. We associate the nest with being unable to fly and reach our full potential. 

We do not realize how much the nest has provided for us until we leave it; our blessings are appreciated only when we no longer have them. 

Our parents seemed to have too many rules and limits, but living with strangers that have more rules and limits, we realize that our parents were easy-going.

We complained about the chores we were assigned, and now that the all the chores are ours, we wish to have them divided upon us and our siblings again.

When our flatmates complain about our ways, we may wish we were back home where complaints were not taken so personally.

I am not encouraging you to forever stay in the nest, just appreciate the nest that nested you and had a very special place for you.

Appreciate the parents who sacrificed their comfort for yours, for your will seldom come across others who will do the same without asking you to reciprocate. 

Appreciate the siblings who your quarrels with you may miss when
 you are gone.