Monday, January 25, 2016

How to Raise a Daughter

When she is a baby:

- Tickle her stomach with your head

- Smother her with kisses and hugs
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- Sing to her 

- Read her stories with colorful pictures

- Do not overdo the pink; let her shine in all colors

When she is a toddler:

- Let her pick out her own clothes

- Write her name on a wall in the house, and let her paint and draw on it all she wants, and join her if she asks you to

- Let her choose her own toys as long as they are age appropriate, and if she wants to buy a car, do not tell her they are for boys do not push her in buying what you think are "girl" toys

- Introduce her to finger paint and let her go crazy with it

- Play different types of music 

When she is a young girl:

- Tell her that she is smart, beautiful, kind, and talented and give her examples pointing out each aspect

- Take her to the library to get her own library card and choose her own books

- Let her experiment with different activities and sports, but do not push her into one unless she wants to

- Explain commercials to her and tell her people are just trying to sell products, and that materials will not make us more happy or beautiful

- Do not wear make-up, for you are her role-model and if you think you need make-up to make you beautiful, so will she and will want to try it as soon as she is old enough to

- Let her express herself and do not shut her down

- Build up her self-esteem in a way that nobody can destroy it

- When she tells you about a problem, take it seriously

When she is a teenager: 

- Give her some space to grow

- Travel with her if you can afford it, if you cannot, go on trips and let her help plan them

- If she speaks in a derogatory way about people ask her how she would feel if someone said the same about her to help increase her empathy towards others
- Let her choose her own friends

- Let her make her own mistakes

- Always be there when she needs you

- When she says she doesn't need you, stay a bit further away until she needs you again

- Let her go out with her friends without chaperoning them

- Tell her she can talk to you about anything and do not make any subject taboo, for she will then talk to someone else who might not give her correct information

- Do not tell her school is more important than her talents, let her choose her own priorities; talents can take people further in life than school does

When she is an adult: 

- Remember that she is an adult and you have done your job in raising her. She is now at a stage where she must fly on her own. Even if she is still living with you, do not treat her as a child or teenager. Let her make her own decisions and do not expect or ask her to discuss all her decisions with you. When asks for your opinion, give it to her, but do not enforce it. Do not fear for her, for she has been equipped with all the skills she needs for life, and she will learn other skills on the way.