Saturday, January 2, 2016

My New Blog- 365 Days of Thankfulness

With the start of this year, I will be starting a new blog : 365 Days of Thankfulness. I am starting this blog because I feel that I have become a very negative person who spreads negativity onto others and is quickly affected by negativity coming from others.
This blog will be an experimentation and project for 2016, with an entry everyday signifying something I am thankful for and a short reflection on it. I really hope by the end of the project, my attitude towards life and others changes. 

If anyone is feeling that they are also holding on to a lot of negativity, I invite you to do the same either publicly through an online means or privately through a journal or a scrapbook of thankful days. if anyone is doing this or a similar project, please let me know, so I can follow and learn, or provide support where needed. Wish me good luck on my journey of 365 days of thankfulness!

This is the blog URL: