Tuesday, January 26, 2016


I am often accused of wanting to live in a utopia and constantly reminded by others either explicitly or implicitly that I am not and neither are they. Who wouldn't want to live in a utopia? People may think of it as a place without problems and challenges which would be abnormal, but there would be the challenge of trying to maintain the utopia and everybody would have a role to play to maintain the balance.

When we think of a utopia, we may think of perfect humans who do not make mistakes, but that is impossible. A utopia of a place might be manageable to maintain, but its inhabitants will never be perfect. Adam and Eve lived in a utopia where they had everything they needed to lead relaxed lives without major problems, but they could not remain in that utopia because of character faults such as being naive and believing everything they were told. They trusted someone who envied them and wanted to see them suffer. This pattern is recurring on Earth over and over again; people trust, and other people scam. Some people see the best in everyone and believe that nobody would want to hurt them just because they would never think of hurting anyone, and other people do not trust anyone and think that everybody is wishing the worst for them as they are wishing for others.

We could have lived in a utopia or the closest thing to a utopia if it were not for our weak characters that are fickle and can be manipulated. We could have lived in a utopia if we could trust others and there were no evil thoughts in the world that have been borne as a result of inequality which we cannot achieve as human beings because we are all different and there will be no equality because we cannot even agree on a definition of equality and how it could be implemented.

I am no longer naive; I know that we are not living in a utopia, but I just wish that our world was a little safer than it is now where we can go to sleep at night knowing that everyone else is safe.