Sunday, January 10, 2016

What is going on in Madaya, Syria?

There are two stories going on in the media; one story told by the pro-government side and its allies and the other told by the anti-government side and its allies.

The government's supporters are sharing pictures of a shawirma restaurant in Madaya saying that the whole story is a scam, but did not care to show any other restaurants or food supplies that can feed a population of 40,000 . The anti-government supporters and those in solidarity are spreading photos of starving children in Syria some of the photos dating back to 2013 of Palestinian Syrians being starved in Yarmouk refugee camp and some photos that are not of people in Syria. Some pictures and videos of children suffering malnutrition have proven to be recent and have no other trace on the internet until the Madaya story came into the limelight.

Some government supporters are taking pictures of their dinners to taunt the people of Madaya as some believe it is not true and others are just hearltess towards people who do not support the government and thinks that they are all terrorists.

A Syrian soldier says that it is true that Madaya is under siege and that is the norm for any town/city that is against the government and that was what happened to Homs for two years as he mentions, but he also mentions that nobody starved in Homs, and they are not starving the people of Madaya. (Although, I would like to add that there were people killed in Homs, and I was told by pro-government supporters, that it is normal that there would be human causalities in a war)

Lebanese supporters of the Syrian government have issued a media report showing how some of the pictures spread were from a few years ago in other parts of Syria and some not from Syria, but they did not comment on the most recent photos that have no other traces on the internet. They said that there is not a lack of food in Madaya, but the rebel forces there take all the supplies delivered to the community and only give it to those who pay high amounts for it.

Obviously, there is a shortage of food and supplies being made available at affordable prices to the people of Madaya. The cause of this shortage is apparently in the fact that the rebels and the pro-government forces are in a continued clash in which the citizens are paying the price.

The pro and anti government stance can be seen in many of the media stories of Syria which is why I refrain from sharing anything but the story of the humans of Madaya.