Friday, January 15, 2016

You're The Type of Person I Blog About

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At times, people get offended when I tell them they we cannot be friends. They say that I am insulting and judgmental; that I did not understand that their words meant and interpreted it in my own way. But I blog, and I blog about certain habits and characteristics that I abhor in people, so trust me, I have enough experience to know when we cannot be friends. If you are the type of person I blog about critically, there is no use in us trying to be friends. You will make good blogging material, and will help me get more viewers on my site, but as a friend, you are basically useless to me and I will just have to refrain from insulting and offending you every time your personality traits that I shun come into light.

I really do not want to hurt people's feelings, so I just tell them I have high standards of friendship which they do not meet; even though that seems to be hurtful it is enough of a euphemism that I cannot stand people of their sort. If I could be 100% honest and say what I really wanted to, it would be as simple as:

"You're the type of person I blog about, not befriend."