Friday, February 26, 2016

Push Them Out of Your Life

There are people who will enter your life who will not have a positive presence in it, and eventually you will need to push them out before they do irreparable damage. Yes, these are the people we learn the hard lessons from, but once the lesson is learned, there is no place for them in your life anymore. As humans, we have a tendency to try to keep people close even if they are hurting us for the fear of being alone. We need to embrace loneliness rather than try to drive it away by welcoming negative vibes into our lives. Remember that these people may fill up your time, but as they do so, they will empty your soul leaving you much lonelier than you were before you met them.

These people try to take as much of you as they can to make themselves more comfortable, and as you give, they begin to get the idea that they are entitled to take from you, so if you stop giving, they will not thank you for what you have gave rather they will blame you for what you have stopped giving them. This human is trying to enforce toxic ideas in your head making you feel that you sum up to nothing unless they are benefiting from you. The arrogance of this species keeps them from being appreciative, and do not expect to even feel appreciation projecting from them because this is a reward they believe that nobody except themselves deserve.

These people will stoop so low as trying to make you self-conscious if you do not live by their book and standards. They will never be happy to see you being yourself and comfortable in your own skin, so they constantly push their own insecurities upon you and become delighted when they see their words begin to take their toll on you. This species is capable of praise, and you will hear them praise you, only when you are doing what makes them happy rather than what makes you happy. After they have manipulated you, to depend on their praise, they know that they have won you over and forever enslaved you into their deep dark world.

Many of you may think: "I am strong spirited, and these people can only affect weak spirited people." Do not be too sure of that because these people have spent their lives perfecting the art of manipulation and they know how to use the strength of the strong against them creating a self-destructive human who they will only need to manipulate remotely, for they fear what the strong may do to them once they realize that their friends were foes in disguise.

These manipulators will give you a role to play in their lives convincing you that this is the role you were born to play, if you refuse to play that role, and negotiate differently, they will cut you off; let them go, for if you cling to them, you will be left playing that role until they have emptied your soul and body of  the energy and enthusiasm you had for life.

Do not live your lives dependent on such toxic people to determine your destiny by their choices for you. Push them out of your lives for you are the best candidate for making your own choices.