Monday, February 1, 2016

The Business Trip to Lebanon

A young man living in a conservative Islamic country went on a business trip to Lebanon. In the conservative Islamic country he lived in, he could not meet women let alone speak to them. All that changed in Lebanon where people are highly influenced by European culture due to the previous French occupation of the country.

During his short stay in Lebanon he met an outgoing and friendly woman; he even thought she was over-friendly at times, but he did not mind that due to the lack of interaction he had with females in the country he resided. He did not feel that she was foreign to him for her mother was from the same country as he was and after learning that, he felt even more comfortable with her. 

After a business dinner at a restaurant, the restaurant DJ turned the music up and the company employees who were restless from days of meetings got up to dance. He joined them, not wanting to miss out on the fun. After several songs, the hype was out of control and the DJ decided to calm things down with a slow song namely "all of me". 

The young man was leaving the dance floor as he did not have a partner, but then felt a tugging on his arm and looked back. There was his outgoing friendly woman urging him to dance with her. He could not turn her down for she looked beautiful that not, and after all, he did not want her to think that he was "too conservative". After the dance, his face was flushed and he was thankful for the dim lighting in the restaurant. 

That night he lay down in bed unable to stop thinking about how great she felt in his arms during the dance. He finally fell asleep at early dawn, but the woman followed him into his dreams and he woke up after a few hours to his alarm clock only to find his bedding damp from the outcomes of last night's dream. He got up took a shower and then called room service to change the sheets as he went out to go meet his company buddies at the breakfast buffet. 

During breakfast, while his colleagues were busy discussing yesterday's dinner, he took out his phone and sent her a good morning text. He also sent a text to his mom and then put his phone back into his suit pocket and joined the conversation. 

While at another boring business meeting that day, he checked his phone again to find a kiss emoticon from her and a text: 'meet me at the mall?' He quickly texted back '6 PM' with a 'see no evil' monkey emoticon to show that he was flattered for the invite. 

At 6 PM, he was waiting for her at an ice-cream parlor at the mall. After only 5 minutes of waiting, he became restless, and decided to text her: 'Where r u?' he texted with a sad emoticon following. 'I'm here' her voice came from behind him. He jumped up from his chair in shock and greeted her the way men and women greeted each other in Lebanon with a kiss on either cheek and managed to get a whiff of her perfume. Her outfit complimented her slim body and her make-up was immaculate and she could easily be mistaken for a model. 

As their shopping evening came to and end, he realized that he would really miss spending time with her. She was so carefree and fun and was so different from other girls he had met. 

That night he began packing his suitcase getting ready to leave to the conservative Islamic country in which he lived. 'We can still text, and I'm bound to have another business trip to Lebanon', he said aloud trying to coax himself. 

He fell asleep on the flight and she once again visited him in his dreams...