Wednesday, March 30, 2016

All Your Perfect Imperfections

It seemed like the most compatible match...a match made in heaven. He made her laugh and she made him laugh. They spoke for hours and hours during the day. A day would not go by without exchanging good mornings and a night would not go by without wishing each other sweet dreams. They had so much in common and they never ran out of things to talk about.

She was outspoken and spoke of her interest in their compatibility and shared interests, but he brushed it off as friendship and did not even try to pursue it further.

Things changed until there was not a day that went by where they would exchange greetings unless she made the effort to do so. He seemed to be preoccupied elsewhere and she no longer questioned his aloofness.

It seemed that he was not intrigued by her imperfections as she was with his.

She was not about to give up just yet; well at least her hopes were not. She hoped that he would one day surprise her and tell her that they were a perfect match or that he was at least willing to try.

She told herself that he might be a romantic who is waiting for the perfect time to tell her that they were meant for each other. Maybe Valentine's day or her birthday. Valentine's day finally came, and he had a family emergency and had to go away. She helped him with last minute bookings and bid him farewell. He seemed to appreciate that for he asked about her the following day, but then it was as if though she no longer existed. She convinced herself that it was a misfortune that prevented them from being soul mates on that day. Her birthday was coming up soon and she was certain he would say something then.

Her hope was in vain, for if anything, he became more distant and even forgot her birthday. She remembered his and brought him a small gift, he thanked her and went on with his life.

She does not want it to end in this way, but she does not want to pursue what was not meant to be nor to pursue a person who is not pursuing her.

He walked away long ago, and it is now time for her to bury her false hopes that have disappointed her and walk the other way.