Thursday, April 28, 2016

Blogging Discreetly

I have begun my path to blogging as an alternate for journal entries, so most of it is just me blabbing, but I have chose to share some of it online because I am writing nevertheless and since people are looking for so many answers online, maybe I can provide a little bit of insight or experience or anything they may take away from a blog post even if it is mere entertainment.

For that reason, it is more of a messy journal with lots of my scattered ideas rather than a blog specialized in a certain aspect. On an average since I have been blogging in 2012, I have been getting about 3,000 visitors per year which does not rank my blog very highly, but it is still interesting for me to see people from different parts of the world visiting my blog which is what makes blogging worthwhile for me.

Some people have different blogs specializing in different things or for different phases of their lives, but I still have not felt that I need to let go of this one and start something more objective and organized rather than jumbling up plenty of subjects into one blog.

I am thinking of starting  a new blog by the title Hopes.of.a.Mature.Arab.Woman and for the content to reflect that I have matured and for this one to be my blog when I was still in the phase of maturing, but I am not so sure about that (if I have matured that is).

I also want to start a blog specializing in education and teaching, and I think I should actually put dates for when I would start so as not to postpone it forever.

I value writing highly as a means of expression, and as people we will not be on the planet forever, but keeping a piece of writing behind us is a way of leaving ideas and a mark. I was always worried whether someone would actually care about my journals after my death or just throw them away, but with a blog, as long as there is still internet in the future, I do not have to worry that nobody will value my ideas and decide to throw them away. It is as if leaving a trace or a legacy.

I am a bit relieved that I do not get many blog views because I would not be able to deal with all the attention and comments especially negative ones. I have recently published a blog entry in HuffingtonPost Arabi, and I have not heard the end of it. None of the people seem to know this blog and since most of the posts are in English, they do not even bother with them.

I hope to become more articulate in Arabic because a lot of my messages and ideas are directed towards my people, but they are also directed at people who view us in a stereotypical way and are carried away by how the media depicts us.

I do hope for a world with peace and tolerance and I hope that I can contribute even if it's in the smallest way possible.