Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Her Blog vs. Her

They got to know each other and she was not really in the mood for speaking about herself too much and he wanted to know more. She had mentioned that she blogged when he asked her about her hobbies (if that is considered a hobby) and he asked to see it. She also thought that would save her the trouble of talking about herself.

After reading a some of her blog entries, he told her that it was great and he was honored to have a person like her with such ideas and will power. He then spent time looking through the rest of it and was also impressed. He liked the personality and character that were coming out from the words he read.

They spoke to each other a little more and go to know each other a little better from before and he spoke negatively about her lack of enthusiasm and spirit. She reminded him that he had said that he was honored to meet her after reading her blog and she was the same person who wrote it. He said that it might have been her in the past, but the person in the blog was strong-willed, but the person he was speaking to was defeated and seemed to give up to the hardships of life.

She never had noticed before he said that, how much she had changed and how much her spirit was drained.