Friday, April 29, 2016

I Can Feel Your Energy

After I had finished shopping at the duty free shop at Male airport after my vacation had ended, I went downstairs to wait for my flight at the gate when I was about to sit down a man sitting in the row in front of me who was looking back waving and smiling at me. I thought he might be waving at someone else, but I waved back and smiled just in case it was meant for me and I sat down. He then began to engaged me in conversation.

Him: You have beautiful eyes

Me: Thanks

H: I can feel your energy. You have positive energy.

M: Um, thanks.

H: What's your name?

M: Lama.

H: Nice to meet you Lama. I'm Kabir. What do you do?

M: I'm an English teacher.

H: I am a teacher too. I teach yoga that is why I can feel your positive energy.

M: (tries not to roll eyes) Nice.

H: Are you here on your own?

M: I am with my friend, but she has a different flight.

H: A friend? Is he just a  friend or a boyfriend?

M: I said SHE. We are just friends.

H: Oh sorry, I didn't hear that. I thought he was a boy.

M: No.

H: Where are you from?

M: I live in Saudi Arabia, but I am Palestinian.

H: I have been to Palestine. I visited Ramallah.

M: Nice. That's where I live when I'm there.

H: I am from India, but I live in Australia.

M: Nice.

H: So are you single?

M: Yes.

H: I am single too.  I would be honored to have a beautiful girlfriend like you.

M: Thanks.

H: Actually I am looking for a soulmate (extends his hand with his business card which I do not take).

M: No thanks, I'm a Muslim we don't date.

H: So you only get married and that's it?

M: Yeah, practically.

H: I am a free-spirited guy. I am looking for magic.

M: Good luck with that.

H: What is wrong with dating?

M: I didn't say there was anything wrong with dating, I just said we don't do it.

H: Maybe it's time to break the rules of religion.

M: Aha, maybe.

H: You are Muslim. I am a Sufi.

M: I do not know much about Sufis to be honest.

H: If you become my girlfriend, you will learn a lot about Sufis.

M: I could also just read about it online.

H: You have beautiful eyes.

M: Thanks.

H: Here just take my card in case you change your mind.

M: Alright, thanks.

H: I hope to get an e-mail from you saying that you want to be my girlfriend.

M: Even if I do send you an e-mail it will say : "Hi, how are you?"

H: Okay as you wish.

If you ever come across this man and he tells you that he is looking for his soulmate and you are beautiful, please smack him in the face for me because I was too polite to do that.