Thursday, April 28, 2016

The Baseball Bat

A young man was at home with his family one night enjoying a sandwich in the kitchen as his dad's spotlights shone through the kitchen windows as he parked his car in the driveway. The young man was about to get up to make another sandwich when all of a sudden he heard a familiar voice shouting outside at his father to remove his car from the driveway. He immediately recognized the voice as their neighbor's who they shared the driveway with and his blood began to boil as the man continued shouting shamelessly at his father.

The young man ran up to his room and grabbed a wooden baseball bat out of his closet. He went back into the kitchen with the baseball bat in his hand and opened the door so furiously that it almost came out of its hinges. Without thinking, he faced his neighbor who was at least twenty years his elder and smacked his armed with the baseball bat so hard that the man yelled in pain and could not move his arm. It was obvious that his arm was broken. The young man froze in shock and could not believe what he had just done, but he also could not accept that this man had disrespected his father by shouting at him. The neighbor's kids came running once they had heard the commotion and their dad yelling in pain. The young man became nervous of what legal consequences he may face, and he threatened the children to stay away or else he would break their faces with the bat. The terrorized children quickly ran back into their house to tell their mother to call an ambulance.

When the ambulance approached to take the neighbor, the young man threatened him to not file a complaint to the police or tell anyone at the hospital what had happened or he would break his other arm later. The man was terrified and never said a word afraid for his other arm and possibly his life.