Monday, April 11, 2016

I Noticed Your Nose

This is a real conversation that took place with a friend of a friend while we were waiting for our food at a restaurant in Dubai. I will refer to my friends's friend as :FF and to myself as : me. Some of the speech is slightly modified as I do not recall all the exact wording, but the message is the same.

FF: So where are you from?

Me: Guess

FF: Are you from the Middle East?

Me; Yes

FF: Are you from Turkey?

Me: No, why did you think so?

FF: Because of your jewelry, the evil eye and all the blue.

Me: I just like the color blue and this is not the evil eye it's just a design.

FF: Oh, so where are you from?

Me: Guess.

FF: I did guess.

Me: Yeah, but you guessed wrong. Guess again.

FF: You speak Arabic, right?

Me: Yeah.

FF: So you're Arab. Hmmm... Are you Palestinian?

Me: (friend's name), you told him?

My friend: No, I didn't.

Me: How did you know?

FF: If I told you, you'll get offended.

Me: No, I won't, tell me.

FF: Well, to be honest, I noticed your nose, and I was like she can't be Jewish, so she must be Palestinian.

Me: What's wrong with my nose.

FF: Nothing.

Me: You're making me self-conscious. You're going to have to pay for my nose job.

FF: We'll at least you don't have the hook.

Moral of story: do not make people self-conscious of their noses and support the growth of the nose job market.

P.S : No, I will never get a nose job no matter what comments I get on my nose.