Thursday, May 12, 2016

A Visit to the Pharmacy

After his relationship of four years had ended in utter failure, his mother was proactively searching for a bride to suit her son. And as in any Arab household when a mother starts to look for a bride for her son, she asks him about his preferences for certain characteristics in his partner, or the son bluntly tells his mother that he will not agree to marry any girl who does not meet his preferences.

The girl whom he loved did not meet one of his main preferences, but he had let that go as there were feelings between them that mattered more than physical characteristics, but if he was to get married a traditional marriage, he would not compromise any of his personal preferences which in this case was a fair skinned woman. 

His mother told her friends what her son was looking for and they did their research on all the single young women they knew and got back to her with several pictures and specifications of young women. She sorted through the pictures while listening to what each girl had studied and was working until an extraordinary white complexion had caught her eye and she caught off her friend who was talking about another girl and said: "Tell me about her." "Oh, Nadine," her friend replied "She is a pharmacy graduate and works a pharmacy in The Gardens. She is really shy and sweet." "Perfect," his mom said "give me her work address and contact information." 

She did not have lunch with the rest of the family that day, and began preparing the table for two a little before her son came back from work. As he walked through the door, she could sense the sadness in his movements and thought to herself: "He has not been himself ever since that awful girl dumped him. I found him a better girl and he will be happy again."

As he sat down for his late lunch, his mom quickly went up to her room to grab the photo of Nadine to present to her son. After, they both finished, his mom slid the picture to his side of the table. He picked it up and asked: "What's this? Who's this?" "Nadine, his mother replied. She is a pharmacist in the Gardens and she is fair skinned as you asked for." "Thanks mom, but I do not really want to go through the formalities of going to see her, and I cannot judge her from the picture; it might be photoshoped for all I know. And if I do not like her, I will be embarrassed and so will she." he replied dryly holding his plate and getting ready to leave the table. "Wait!" his mother said desperately trying to get her son to entertain the idea "I have her work address, why don't you go there and meet her without telling her that you are there to evaluate her." "Okay, as long as she doesn't know." he said. His mom pointed to the fridge where the address was scribbled on a piece of paper and held on by a magnet. He got up, placed his dishes in the sink grabbed the paper and was heading up to his room when his mom stood in between him and the doorway and pointed to the door: " Yallah, go now you are not getting any younger." He groaned and left the house with the address stuffed into his pocket.

As he got into the taxi, he was daydreaming of how Nadine would look like in real life. "Would she be as pretty as she was in the picture? Would he like her? What other physical assets did she have other than fair..." "Where are you going, boy?" the taxi driver interrupted his chain of thoughts. "Oh! Sorry!" he said and quickly pulled out the address from his pocket and read it to the taxi driver. "It seems like your in love." the taxi driver said. "No! What makes you say that." he answered. "You brain doesn't seem to have accompanied you today." answered the driver. "I am going to see a girl." he answered halfheartedly. "Aha, see I knew it, I have a sixth sense you know." said the driver. "You were wrong, I am not in love yet." he said. "Then why are you out of it today?" challenged the driver. "I am going to meet a girl, but she does not know me and is not expecting me, and I don't want her to know who I am or why I have come to see her, so I am trying to think of a plan." he replied. "I thought you told me to take you to a pharmacy." the driver said, puzzled. "Yes, that's where she works." the young man replied. "Well, then it's easy pretend your a customer and ask her for medicine." the driver said smiling. "But, I am not carrying enough money to buy medicine. I am meeting with my friends after that and I need money for coffee and snacks for the football match today." he replied. "Then ask her for a medicine that she doesn't have! Yesterday, I went to get a medicine for my wife and the pharmacist said that it is not in the market anymore." the driver replied amused with his own idea. "Perfect!" the young man replied as he paid the fare and hopped out the car as they had reached the pharmacy.

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He went in and waited as other customers were being served and he observed how she was dealing with them and quickly rated her smile as a 7/10. When all the customers finally left, he approached the counter and asked for a medicine that was not longer manufactured. "That medicine is no longer manufactured, but I will check the system to see if we have any left." she said. "Yeah, I know," he thought to himself "I'm just here to check you out." He then started up a conversation all the time Two trying to make her laugh because he was very particular about the way he wanted his future wife to laugh especially after his experience with his ex and her extremely loud laugh that would cause him embarrassment whenever they went out. After all his failed attempts of getting her to laugh, he decided to crack a chemistry joke:" Two chemists go into a restaurant. The first one says I think I'll have H2O. The second one says I think I'll have H2O too... and he died." "HAHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHAA!!!" she couldn't stop laughing, and he was not amused at all with her laugh. He thanked her for trying to find the medicine and left the pharmacy and never went back.

As he came through the door, his mom quickly rushed to him and asked: "So what happened?" "Next time ask your friends how each girl laughs" he replied and went up to his room.