Friday, May 20, 2016

The Girl with a Loud Laugh- Part I

It was a stressful time for  university students that year as finals were coming up and the exam schedule was very tight. He finished his classes that day and as he walked out with his friends, they suggested that they go to a coffee shop to smoke hookah and play cards for a couple of hours. He politely declined their invitation and told them that he had to go home as his family were renovating the kitchen and needed his help. He walked out with his friends to the university gate, and waved them away as they stuffed themselves in a cab and were soon out of sight. He then hurried back into campus and headed straight to the library. He needed to pass his exams and he was not about to waste his time smoking hookah and playing cards while he stressed about passing all his classes, but he did not want to be called a nerd and be teased by his friends, so he did not dare tell them that he had planned to spend his time studying at the library after classes for the next two weeks.

As he walked into the library, the librarian greeted him as she knew him by name. He was the last student to leave the library every day during exam weeks. She was proud of him as his name was one of those printed on the door of the library as one of the top students at the university. He reminded her of her own son who always came to the library and studied until he graduated at the top of his class and was offered a scholarship to further his studies in Germany which he happily took. She was sure this young man would also receive a scholarship abroad and do great things in life.

He walked to the end of the library to his favourite table which was never occupied, sat down and spread out his his textbooks and began studying vigorously. After a couple of hours of having his neck bent over his books, he took a break to stretch his neck and arms, and as he looked up, he noticed a female student sitting alone on the table in front of him and staring straight at him. He blushed instantly and looked back down at his books. "Who is she?" he thought to himself, "And why is staring at me like that?" He was not used to so much female attention as he spent most of his time with his male friends in places void of females such as traditional coffee shops which were culturally taboo for women to go to. He looked up again to check if she had stopped staring at him, but he blushed again as he realized her eyes were fixed on him. "Why doesn't she just look at her books" he thought to himself. He looked at his watched and was relieved that the library would be closing in five minutes. He quickly out his books into his bag and hurried out the library with his eyes glued to the floor until he reached the university gate, hopped into a taxi and hurried back home.

That night, he tried to make out who that girl was, for he had never seen her in his classes or around campus before. "What was she doing in the library?" he thought "She obviously had not looked at her books at all. Does she just come to the library to stare at people who study? Maybe she is looking for a student to tutor her." He then fell asleep and set his alarm to 6:00 AM , so that he could have enough time to review for his exam before his 9:00 AM exam.

The next day he walked out of the examination room feeling confident that he had done very well, while his friends began complaining how difficult the test was and hoped they would at least obtain a pass. They then headed towards the cafeteria to get lunch before their next class started. He excused himself and said that he had to go and do something. His friends were at an age where they always joked about girls and so they teased him about having a girl that he was hiding from them. He blushed and quickly walked away from them as their laughs rang in his ears. He headed towards the library this time hoping that the girl who stared at him the previous day was there, and he wanted to know who she was and what she wanted from him.

He took his place at his table and began studying as he did the day before. He heard footsteps, but did not look up to check if it was the same girl from yesterday. He kept his eyes glued to his book as he heard the footsteps grow closer. He then fidgeted as he realized that the chair right in front of his was being pulled out. He quickly looked up and saw it was the same girl who was now grinning at him. He blushed and looked back into his books. After a few minutes, he mustered up the courage to look back up again, and there she was still staring at him! He looked back at her and asked: " Do I remind you of someone you know?" She laughed loudly, and everyone in the library looked towards them annoyed by the disruptance. She turned around, put her hand on her mouth and waved looked at them apologetically, then turned back to him and apologized. "No, you do not remind me of someone you know." she said grinning. "Then why do you keep looking at me?" he asked, and she again burst into laughter. The librarian rang her "silent bell" which she used when the library was getting too noisy. "Let's go talk somewhere else he said." as he put away his books, and got up. She had not taken any books out of her bag, so she grabbed her bag and walked out with him grinning the whole way.

He was afraid that his friends would see him walking with her and taunt him endlessly and he had two more hours until his next class, so he suggested that they go to a coffee shop nearby and she happily agreed.... TO BE CONTINUED IN PART II