Wednesday, July 6, 2016 : Palestinian Products Go Global

As we spend more and more of our time interacting with glowing screens in the virtual world, businesses have been changing their marketing and retail strategies to become a part of our new virtual lives. As we scroll down our newsfeeds come across interesting advertisements that have been directed towards us based on the cookies that our browsers have collected and our location settings that we share on social media or through GPS. is one of the businesses that chose its marketing and retail strategies to fit in with our technology centered lives. is an online market specializing in natural Palestinian products made by Palestinian women, farmers, and artisans either producing individually or through cooperatives or companies. Customers can buy the products online only through the website or the mobile phone applications available for Android and iOS. 

The founder of, Nael Obeid explains why the products are only available online: “The individuals and cooperatives whose products we are marketing and selling already market and sell their products at local retail outlets, farmer markets, bazaars and events, so we are aiming to expand their market to a new clientele that purchase their needs online. We are also making their products available for worldwide order and delivery that will introduce them to the international market where we aim to build a clientele of Arab expatriates in addition to others who seek renowned Palestinian products such as olive oil, olive oil soap, and embroidery.” sells products that meet one or more of the following criteria; organic, subject to free trade, produced by women, farmers or artisans, not tested on animals. Souq Biladi will be present at Birzeit Heritage Week in Palestine from July 13th-17th to network with individuals and cooperatives who are interested in entering the online market. Souq Biladi will be launching on July 14th, 2016.