Friday, September 16, 2016

Filistia: Introducing Holy Land Products in a New Light

            Products from the Holy Land are especially appealing to followers of monotheistic religions, activists supporting the Palestinian cause, and those who are looking for high quality olive oil, olive oil products, and other products that the Holy Land is known for.

Filistia is a start-up company that aims to be environmentally friendly while taking their products global. The company founders Anan Abu Rmeileh and Mohammed Moraqtan met at university in 2006 and with their public relations and marketing backgrounds agreed that there is a big potential in the Palestinian market that needs to be tapped into. Following their interest, they decided to open an organic cosmetics line that would sell high-quality products both in the international and local markets. The Greek name ‘Filistia’ means the area from Gaza to Jaffa signifies both the location of the company and that the products and ingredients all come from the land.  

Filistia was established in 2015 starting with cosmetic organic soaps after years of training, planning, designing, and getting the product combinations just right. The founders believe that chemicals have affected people’s bodies and skin negatively recently and as the co-founder Anan told us: “The earth has many good things to offer.” On their website, they also highlight this through this message through the following quote: “Have you wondered why your grandma has better skin than yours? Natural products might have some benefits to tell!” Therefore, their soap is produced at a family-based workshop with no chemical additives.

            The founders of Filistia believe that in order for Palestinian products to be competitive in the market they need to be packaged and displayed in a way to attract customers and the product itself must be of high quality which is the basis they worked on when developing their products.  “There are Palestinian products that are fit to represent Palestine.” The co-founder Mohammed explained.  They have also met standards of a lot of international markets by being animal cruelty free, using recyclable packaging, re-using all their production waste and not using controversial products such as palm oil.

Filistia aims to be a leading Palestinian company renowned both in the local and international markets for its high-quality natural products which they will be adding to in order to form a whole line of natural products crafted in the Holy Land.