Friday, May 26, 2017

Why am I here?

Lilly cursed under her breath as she took off her boots for the fifth time that day for yet another airport security check. And to make matters worse, they had already confiscated the prohibted and "dangerous" liquids from her carry-on that she desperately needed for her vacation. "You can have them!" She shouted at the security guard who had taken her mosquito repellent and hair oil. She then dashed off to the final gate to catch the transit flight to her destination. She had finally reached the last airport, but still had to take off her damned boots when all she wanted to do was get her luggage and doze off in the car until she reached her destination. "Why am I here?" she thought to herself, "There are several other places in the world I would rather visit than a corrupted third world country. Why in the world did I come to vacation in a place that is no better than the place I live in?" 

She was so upset that she collected her luggage, found her airport transfer, and spent the whole ride not able to control her tears. 

The driver received a call and handed her the phone: "It's for you." It was her father who had been worried sick about her as she was designated to arrive an hour earlier but had not gotten into contact with him. 

"Why haven't you called me? You said that you would..." he began scolding her.

"The flight was delayed and I didn't have service and the stupid security wouldn't let me in to the other side of the airport to make a call or purchase a SIM card, and my phone won't accept roaming here!" She blurted out annoyed from her father's  reaction. She was an adult after all, but according to her culture and customs she would not be a woman until she became a wife.

After all, it was not even her who chose this holiday destination, it was her father as he feared that she go to a place too far away, so he suggested a neighboring country with a warmer climate for Christmas break. She did not let this go as she was angry and humiliated by the treatment of the airport security and staff: "You are the one who suggested that I come to this damned place! The people here just talk, but there are no actions. I hate it here already and this will be the worst vacation ever!"

Her father taken aback by her reaction, told her to calm down and that he would call back after she reached the hotel.

The driver who witnessed this bizarre episode of an adult woman having a tantrum while supposedly on vacation, handed her a pack of tissues. She thankfully took them and apologized to him for speaking poorly of all his people and country.

"Don't worry about it." He said lightheartedly, "They even give us Egyptians a hard time at airports and security crossings, you're not alone."

"And I apologize that you had to wait for an additional hour, but our flight was delayed a whole hour."

"Don't worry about that either, they delay all domestic flights that are not fully booked to fill up a later flight that is also only half-booked. It's economical."

"I will not be flying with them ever again." Lilly thought to herself. "If this is the way the country's national carrier works, it's no wonder there is so much corruption, for if gold rusts, what will iron do?"

The following are the titles of the chapters that are to come:

Part 2- Too Touristy?
Part 3- Sick at Sea
Part 4- He Seems Perfect
Part 5- The Third Wheel
Part 6- Over
Part 7- But Still not Over him